The pairs can be rubber banded together

Shoes need to be Paired together in some way that they stay together!

We can take any type of shoe regardless of style, color, size or age. The conditions we require are that the shoes must be wearable, there should be no holes, rips, tears or mildewAny style of shoe is needed – from high heels to tennis shoes to flip flops to boots. Men's, women's or children's shoes are all welcome. At this time we do not need roller skates.

Question: What do you do with the shoes that are donated?

Shoes4Water exports shoes to distributors in Kenya, Haiti, and South America. Shoe resale builds the local developing economy with retail businesses and affordable shoes for pennies on the dollar. Affordable shoes are a life saving tool as they protect the new owner’s feet and overall health from foot abrasions, parasites and mites. The funds raised from the shoe sales pay for drilling water wells, drilling equipment, filtration devices, pumps and other related supplies in Kenya.

Question: What type of shoes do you take?

Or the can go in any size poly bay such as a grocery bag tied shut

If the have laces just tie the laces together like this

You can also use string, ribbon, zip ties, shoe boxes or any other method you might think of to keep those pairs together. The reason is we get thousands of shoe and the get thrown in a pile and it takes more man hours to hunt and match up the pairs than the shoes are worth. We are a non-profit and rely on volunteer labor but we have an obligation not to waste the valuable resources and time that we get. Thank you for your donation what ever you give and thank you for keeping them paired!

Question: Is there anything that needs to be done to the donated shoes?

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