The Dream

Have you ever dreamed of doing something that is bigger than you've ever done before? To do something that was beyond your reach? That is what Shoes4Water is all about. It is our dream to change the lives of some people on the other side of the world. A place called Kenya. We dream of going to Kenya with a goal of building water wells, filtration devices, pumping equipment, sanitation education, and Love in our hearts to share with the Kenyans clean healthy water.

I'm an older man now and it would be easy for me to say someone else needs to help those people. It would be easy to say I do not have the resources to help those people. It would be easy to say I do not have the expertise to help those people. But what if my Lord brought the people together that had the determination, resources and expertise together. 

The resources that are needed can be solved by simple asking people to give us their unwanted shoes to fulfill "This Dream."  So, we are looking for "Dreamers" who do not mind asking people for their unwanted shoes. We call these people Shoe Angels, because without them the shoes do not flow. They believe in the Dream. They believe that we can turn shoes into water. Maybe you would like to be one of our Shoe Angels. I invite you to sign up by contacting us. I must warn you, it is addictive when you see those shoes flowing in and knowing  that you are helping to change the lives of so many people. You may want to check our page on Shoe Angels to learn what types of things you can do to find more unwanted shoes.

The expertise has all ready been assembled. We have a great team of drillers that we can work with and learn from. There is nothing more thrilling than to see water come pouring out of the ground that is pure, clean and healthy. To see the smiles on the peoples faces and to hear the shouts of joy. Some people get excited about a football game. Our drill team gets so excited about working in the mud they can't sleep. Maybe you would like to learn how to drill. We do not provide training at this time but I would reefer you to Equip International in Marion, N.C. They provide training to qualified applicants.

The shoes have been flowing in for some time now and at times there are so many it is overwhelming. We have had to learn how to process all of these shoes. It was very difficult at first but in time we learned a few thing to make much easier. But we Dream of building a group of volunteers that we could call on that could donate a hour or two periodically.  You can sign up to go on our volunteer list by contacting us.

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