Our Sponsors

This is a list of Organizations who have partnered with Shoes4Water to bring clean water to remote villages in Kenya. Some of our sponsors have committed to be a long term shoe collection drop off location. They collect shoes year round and contact us when they have a load of shoes ready to be picked up.  Some of our sponsors only wish to participate on a short term basis. They collect shoes for a predetermined time (Usually 2 to 4 weeks) and then call us to pick them up. Most of our short term partners participate for one month every year and they find this works better for their situation.


 "Take a look at Shoes4water.org. Pastor Steve Bell is a friend of mine who is doing an amazing work for the people of Kenya. We were in the well drilling class together and now is putting that knowledge into action. "

John Hwang CEO & President at Rainier Arms, Kent, Washington

"I have had the privilege to work along side Steven Bell at Sonpoint Baptist Fellowship in Greenville, SC. In the time that I have known Steven Bell, I have been able to witness the tremendous amount of work and passion that he has put into the effort to bring water to the thirsty through the Shoes4Water ministry. This ministry offers the opportunity to bring Christs' love to the people in Kenya through the easy and simple act of donating used shoes. I highly recommend the opportunity to get involved with Shoes4Water."

Elizabeth Heneveld

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