Short Term Sponsors

Most of our short term Sponsors hold a shoes drive for a specific one month period of each year. Some do it even less often. Other commit to year round collections and are listed on our drop-off locations board. Whatever your organization chooses to do we are grateful for your participation! Working together we can make the Dream of providing water to Kenya come true.

Join us for your next service or mission project. Your participation is always up to you. You can host a shoe drive for 1 day or 1 month or any amount of time you choose. Just let us know when you decide to finish up your drive so that we can schedule a pick up of the shoes. We can provide some limited resources to help your shoe drive to be more successful. Get started today!


Hey Shoes4water...
One week after sending out 100 letters .. we have 21 people who have committed to collect at least 100 pair of shoes in Tonys honor !!!!!!!!!!!! God is sooo good! ALL THE TIME!!! - Julie Flick

"I met Steven (Project Mgr. Shoes4Water.Org) at the "Well Drilling" class at Equip International the Spring of 2010. After the class I went to his Church and his house to see the Shoes for Water program he is diligently working on. I see him to be a man truly dedicated to helping others in need. I pray for God's Direction and Hand of Blessing on the works of his hands. May our mission field be where ever we are as God directs."
Steve Cline 

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