Hosting a Shoe Drive is an excellent service project that makes a hugh impact for poor villages in Kenya. Your children will learn the value of helping those in need with very little cost involved. We understand the challenges you face in public schools and we do not cross the line on the separation of Church and State issue. We do not talk to your children about issues of faith or religion. However if you would like we can schedule a time to come out and share with your group about how easy it is to collect shoes. We have picture of previous trips to Kenya that we can show. We have the pictures on a flash drive were you can project on screen with your equipment.

Decide to Host and get a Shoe Drive Kit


A Shoe Drive is an easy, fun and inexpensive way to be involved in a life saving mission in Kenya. The Shoes donated are used to fund water projects for remote villages in Kenya. We drill bore holes water wells, install rain collection water tanks, water filtration devices. We also do pump repairs, sanitation education. Use the easy online form to request a shoe drive kit, email or call 864-230-5984. Announce your drive with our customizable flyers, announcements and posters and start collecting shoes!

  Some schools have used their shoe drives as part of a classroom lesson, the cost of admission to a sporting event or as a competition with a rival school.

   Others have organized a Great Shoe Stick-Up and held their principal’s shoes ransom until a certain number of shoes have been collected.

Discuss and get the permission of the school principal or other leader to swipe their shoes.
Create a Great Shoe Stick-Up ransom note explaining the shoes will be held ransom until a certain number of used and new shoes are donated (we suggest 10x the number of people in the building).
Send us your ransom note along with the target day you would like us to pick up your shoes and we’ll send you a shoe collection kit.

On the planned day, swipe the selected person’s shoes taking pictures or video taping the event and the shoes. The selected person must go without their shoes for the day making a visible, barefoot statement about the plight of those without shoes and water.
As soon as the shoes have been swiped, post the ransom note, read it over the PA, send a school-wide email or announce it at a special event.

Just be creative and have fun and get everyone involved!

The Shoe Drive Kit is packed with information about how to have a successful shoe drive, pictures and facts about Kenya. We explain what happens to the shoes and how we fund the missions to Kenya. We explain what type of shoes and what shape they need to be in. We explain what needs to be done to host a rewarding shoe drive. Also we explain how to follow us on facebook.
  Once you have received your Shoe Drive Kit and had a chance to look it over you may decided you want Steve to come out and talk to your people about the program, or you may decide to do everything yourself. We are very flexible to help you how ever we can. We also have other resources that you can avail yourself to on our resource page.

Some Schools have an annual shoe drive that last a few weeks or a whole month. You may want to have a short two week shoe drive one year and do it totally different the next year. There is no one way. What ever serves you best works for us. We appreciate your participation in hosting a shoe drive for Shoes4Water! However if you will tell us when you plan to start your shoe drive we will post the information on facebook and twitter where we have a large following.

Schedule Pickup


After you've set the date and duration of your shoe drive please call us and schedule a pickup date. We use 100% volunteer labor and have to schedule our time accordingly. In most cases we can come out quickly to pickup any donations you may have.

It is best to schedule your pick up at the beginning of your shoe drive to make sure we will be able to pickup your shoes in a timely manner. 
To Schedule a pickup call (864) 230-5984

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