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Steve the "shoeguy" can come and explain the shoe drive program. We explain how to hold the shoe drive with the very least amount of effort. We explain the specific mission that we are working to achieve in Kenya. We understand that in a down economy that most organizations are strapped for funds. That's why shoe drives are so popular. Your people can donate without being pressured to make cash donations. While we do accept monetary donations we will not solicit from your people. A video presentation is also available. All we need to explain our program is ten minutes (short version) or 30 minutes (Expanded version).

Collection Barrels

55 Gallon safe food grade plastic barrels


These barrels will hold approximately 90 lbs of shoes. They come equipped with a sign describing our program in the simplest terms. They are 36" tall and measure 23" wide. They are excellent for placement in a lobby, vestibule or other indoor area. If you need something smaller you can use your own box or other container such as a trash can if you like. When the barrel gets full just give us a call and we will schedule a pick up. If you experience an overflow of donations, (people are very generous) no worry, just put them in any large disposable plastic bag or card board box. Then give us a call and schedule a pick up. 864-230-5984


All of our resources are designed to make collecting shoes real easy! Yes, we will take your donated shoes and be grateful ... but what if your organization wants to donate also? Listed below are the resources available to make hosting a shoe drive easy.


Dream Building

Bringing together two different worlds to make a difference.


All of our partners are able to work together by supporting the efforts of Shoes4Water to bring clean water to remote villages in Kenya. We have Churches from every denomination, Business also like to sign up to be an official Shoes4Water Drop-off location because we will list them on our Partners list and drive customers to their location. Schools like working with us because we are sensitive to the school's requirements and speak only to the kids about the well drilling projects. Other organizations enjoy working with us to fulfill their service projects. By dreaming together in this part of the world we can bring clean water to those in a poorer part of the World. Many places in Kenya need you. The question is will you help?



Downloadable Shoes4Water Flyers


Do you need a flyer to promote a Shoe drive in your area?


Just click image to right for a downloadable PDF file you can print from any computer. The page in some cases is too big for the paper. If you experience this just use your scale down option to about 65%.

Shoes4Water handout flyers

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