We can collect shoes by the barrel load... Will you Help?

We collect shoes by the truck load or ...

You can bring shoes to the shoeless and water to the thirsty by making a shoe donation.  Gather the shoes you no longer wear and pair them by tying laces together or putting a rubber band around them.  We need wearable shoes without holes.  Any style of shoe is needed – from high heels to tennis shoes to flip flops. A map locates the nearest drop-off location.   It is easy as that!

The Solution

In Kenya I learned that were things are very desperate you can not be picky about little things. I learned that Christians tend to work together more so than they do here in the U.S. In Kenya they do not participate in denominational squabbles. We have taken on that philosophy here at Shoes4Water. We invite all people to participate in this mission. The mission simply stated is to collect enough shoes to fund the purchase of drilling equipment, filtration devices, pumping equipment and related supplies in order to bring clean water to Kenya. We do not concern ourselves with what you believe when you make your shoe donations. We just except your gift knowing that you expect us to spend it on this mission. We are grateful.

There are many people who support us who do not follow the teachings of Christ. We understand that. However, while will except your donations what ever your beliefs are, we are working to fulfill this mission in the name of Jesus Christ and Him alone. We answer to no denomination but we serve them all if they serve Him. That does not mean that Shoes4Water is not accountable. We have a board of trustees that hold us accountable and we must report were all funds are spent and for what purpose. We ask that you pray for this ministry as we seek to bring together the Christian world in a very divisive  time in U.S. history. For without your prayers and God's blessings we can do nothing that is lasting.


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