Shoe Drive Kit

The Decision

Your Church is one small step from making a hugh impact on a village in Kenya. Hosting a Shoe Drive is simple and easy! We will work with you in any way we can to help you have a successful impact on the lives of the Kenyan Villages. The first step is a decision to start. Contact us for more information if you like, we will answer all your questions. The 2nd step is to request a Shoe Drive Kit. The 3rd step is to set a date and a duration for your Shoe Drive. The last step is to schedule a Pickup of your shoes.

Your Church

A Shoe Drive is an easy, fun and inexpensive way to be involved in a life saving mission in Kenya. The Shoes donated are used to fund water projects for remote villages in Kenya. We drill bore holes water wells, install rain collection water tanks, water filtration devices. We also do pump repairs, sanitation education. We drill by day and share the Gospel by night. 

   Some churches have used their shoe drives as part of a sermon lesson or as the cost of admission to a congregational event. Others have organized a competitive shoe drive between classes.

   If you need to talk to someone for more information you can call 864-230-5984. You can order a Shoe Drive Kit that explains our program in detail at!contact/c3kh

The Shoe Drive Kit is packed with information about how to have a successful shoe drive, pictures and facts about Kenya. We explain what happens to the shoes and how we fund the missions to Kenya. We explain what type of shoes and what shape they need to be in. We explain what needs to be done to host a rewarding shoe drive. Also we explain how to follow us on facebook.

  Once you have received your Shoe Drive Kit and had a chance to look it over you may decided you want Steve to come out and talk to your people about the program, or you may decide to do everything yourself. We are very flexible to help you how ever we can. We also have other resources that you can avail yourself to on our resource page. Order your shoe drive Kit at!contact/c3kh

After you've set the date and duration of your shoe drive please call us and schedule a pickup date. We use 100% volunteer labor and have to schedule our time accordingly. In most cases we can come out quickly to pickup any donations you may have. If your donated shoes number less than a pickup truck load you can help us save money by dropping the shoes off at a local drop-off location near you. You can find a location near you on our Drop-off Location Page.

To Schedule a pickup call (864) 230-5984

We have some churches that collect shoes all year. We have a few that have been collecting for more than three years. Other churches have an annual shoe drive that last a few weeks or a whole month. You may want to have a short two week shoe drive one year and do it totally different the next year. There is no one way. What ever serves you best works for us. We appreciate your participation in hosting a shoe drive for Shoes4Water! However if you will tell us when you plan to start your shoe drive we will post the information on facebook and twitter where we have a large following. 

Schedule Pickup

Set a Date and Duration

Our goal is to help the Kenyan villages with water stability. We do this by working with the Churches in Kenya. They help us to manage and maintain the water wells that are built. Another goal that has developed over the years is to connect the local Churches here in the United States with the Churches in Kenya. We have been insturmental in connecting many ministries together to further the building up of the "body of Christ". Please ask us if there is a way to engage your church with the mission field to share water and Christ!

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