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Your Business can engage your community by supporting Shoes4Water water projects in Kenya. Many of your customers are concerned with the constant challenges that millions of people in Africa are facing with the lack of clean water. We have come up with a unique way that you can help at a low cost way. We can use your location as a Drop-Off location for those that live near your Business. When someone wishes to make a donation of shoes they can go to our map and find your Business. We provided you a clean 55 gallon ( safe food grade) plastic barrel with signage. 


We have a large following on facebook and twitter. As you know social media is a growing powerful method of engaging your customers online. When you sponsor Shoes4Water we share your business with our followers. Every time we pick up shoes at your business we make mention of the event. We can even share your coupon offer if you have one. They way our Drop-Off Program works is simple. We bring you a barrel with signage. Your customers bring in their unwanted shoes to donate. When the barrel gets full you give us a call and we come and bring you another empty barrel. If you are located more than 30 min away from Greenville, Spartanburg, Lexington or Summerville SC, then we ask that you empty the barrel into a bag and keep collecting until you have 3 bags plus a full barrel. If you are more than an hour away we ask that you fill up 6 bags plus a full barrel.

When your Business provides a drop-off location you help us widen the area of participants in our program. It's simply not cost effective to drive to pick up even a dozen pairs of shoes. But when you collect a barrel or two of shoes and we can run a route of several locations like yours in becomes very cost effective. Your participation helps us collect hugh numbers of shoes that are given a second life when they are sold to those who can't afford new shoes. The Shoes are sent to Kenya were they are desperately needed. They are sold at a minimal price and the funds go to pay for water projects in Kenya. We drill water wells, install water tanks that collect rain water and we install water purification systems. It's a win, win all around. We even keep hugh amounts of shoes out of the land fills.

Email ​​​​ or call us at

864-230-5984 when you are ready to have your shoes picked up! Be sure to schedule a pick up time when you are ready. Thank you for your participation. 

We have a limited supply of barrels. They look like the one pictured above. They come in blue, white and black. All barrels are 55 gallon food grade safe plastic with signage. To order your barrel . Use the easy online form to request a shoe drive kit, email or call 864-230-5984.

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